Ardex Pandomo

Supplied and installed, create arrange of cementious range of trowel applied products.
The panDOMO® floors offering endless creative expression of floor patterns, colours and design.Unique in design, Unique in colour panDOMO®   is truely a bespoke product with availability of the complete RAL colour choice.
Pandomo loft
Supplied in 2 coats of 2-4mm thick, which comes in natural grey with a touch of umber, exceptional hard wearing and quick to install, ideal for shops,bars,restaurants,hotels and homes and has a high texture finish.
This product can be individually coloured and applied, sealed and waxed giving an impressive look for an working environment or home use

Pandomo floor/floor plus
Cement and self smoothing compound, can be creatively coloured and once dried, sanded and polished/sealed. Applied within 5-10mm, Ideal for homes, cafes,private office's.
If a high resistance to abrasion is required, we can use floor plus, with a fine aggregate for slip resistance which makes it ideal for high traffic areas, like commercial lobbies or shops.
The colours are stable and do not yellow under UV light.

Pandomo Wall
Installed at 1.5mm-6mm a creative product for wall surfaces and can be applied and dried within 1 day due to the rapid dry technology. This product can be coloured and textured to compliment the Pandomo floor if required. The finish is sealed and protected and the colours will not fade.
Ideal for commercial walls, finishes and residential use.
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