Micro Cement & Cement Overlay

Micro Cement & Cement Overlay

Another alternative floor finish that is striking and modern, with the ability to create bespoke finishes. Unlimited flooring can give your floor classic, refined and homogenous, completely unique. Our cement coat is polymer modified and can be coated over wood, metal and concrete. The Micro-top or Micro cements are highly abrasion resistant,  great adhesion and flexible. Micro toppings are applied from 0.5mm-3mm , uv resistant, exterior and interior product. 

Being a cementious product, the clean and sleek lines can be polished, burnished or aggregate added to create a terrazo finish. The base screed can be coloured to fit in with any surroundings. PANDOMO® by ARDEX is a modern surfacing system that provides total architectural design freedom. Polymer modified, high strength product is applied by a hand trowel to create a bespoke finish and stained if required. These can be laid over poor concrete, once prepared, and is a great alternative if concrete polishing can't be reproduced.

Where can this be used?

It can be used in any location, including commercial, shops, wall covering, shower floors. Once sealed is a waterproof coating for any floor. The floor finish when coated is UV resistant and can be used in light sensitive areas.

What kind of finish?

We can leave a Gloss, mat or satin finish. Sealers used on the surface will leave a trouble free floor

Can these floors be coloured?

Absolutely, we can apply standard colours and the colour range to match the standard RAL range if required for a specific colour.

Does the micro-cement crack?

It is extremely hard and durable and is polymer reinforced. These falls will flex to quite a degree, but subsidence and excessive movement could create cracks when pushed beyond their limit.

Can these floors be repaired?

Absolutely, with waxing, sanding and sealing

What floors can these installed over?

Can be installed over ceramics (when prepared correctly), wood, concrete, glass,

What about counter tops?

Absolutely, can create a unique countertop, table and cement polished finish.

What about maintenance?

Like any floor, these are not indestructable. Stains can be wiped clean, but abrasive objects, grit from footwear and furniture can scratch the surface and usual preventative care must be taken.