Health Safety

Unlimited flooring Sheffield are now accredited with Safe Contractor. Installing Flooring Professionally and Safely
Unlimited flooring Sheffield (refer to as the Company) believes that high standards of Health, Safety and Welfare Management are an Essential part of good business practice

The company recognises its responsilbilities to all its employees(and also to others who might be affected by its activities in accordance with the Health and safety at work act 1974, the management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1999 and other applicable legislation.

Unlimited Flooring Sheffield will endeavour to conduct its operations,so far as is reasonably practicable,in a manner which recognises
The health,safety and welfare needs of employees and or other persons likely to be affected.In order to work towards
This objective will focus on:

a. A safe place of work and access / egress
b. A safe working environment and adequate welfare facilities
c. Safe plant,equipment and vehicles
d. Safe handling,storage,transport and maintainance of articles and substances used at work
e. Necessary information,instruction,training and supervision
Adequate resources will be provided to meet the above objectives The management of health and safety is imperative for the policy's success and the company therefore expects all. Employees of whatever level to treat health and safety metters with paramount importance. Health and Safety rank
  • Taking care of their own health and safety
  • Looking out for the safety of others
  • Co-operating with the company in making sure Health and safety duties are fulfilled
  • Reporting any problems they encounter,and defects they discover in equipment,systems of work etc

It Is the policy if this company to take all reasonable practicable precautions for the prevention of and or reporting of accidents and dangerous occurrences and for the creation of working conditions which safe guard employees.

This policy and the organisation and arrangements which form part of it will be reviewed regularly, modified and updated as necessary and all employees notified of changes of additions.

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