Hygienic Wall Coverings

This type of wall coverings is ideal for hospitals,laboratories,shower rooms,kitchens and schools, providing none slip surfaces as well as easy cleanable hygienic surfaces. Plastic wall cladding gives a watertight ,wipe clean surface which is why it is used primarily in kitchens and shower rooms, an alternative to ceramic tiling.  PVC cladding is one example Unlimited Flooring Sheffield would use due to its ease of installation, cost benefits and durability. Ideal for Commercial Kitchens or Clean Rooms. Fire resistant, hygienic and great looks make cladding a great performer. PVC Wall Cladding can easily be carried out, giving you considerable savings whilst producing a professional finish every time. Available in great colours to meet any setting, environment and tastes.

Vinyl wall cladding is another great alternative, fully adhered to the wall and available in 2 m wide widths, great styles and designs are also available to meet any demanding hygienic enviroment. Designed to be heat welded to the floor covering, this makes the room completely impervious, coated with polyurethane pu coating, ideal choice for Commercial Kitchens, Hospitals and Shower Floors, as the continuous surface offers no sanctuary for dirt and bacteria and it will not shed dust. 

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Unlimited flooring attending a successful wall cladding program with Altro at Letchworth