REFLECTOR™ Enhancer metallic floors

Say good bye to boring floors

Giving the WOW factor to a complete new concept in designer expoxy floor.
The hottest new floors for retail,commercial and residential floors.
At Unlimited flooring we became certified installers of Elite Crete for this unique product which is taking America by storm!

Fluid applied, self smoothing and aesthetically pleasing long lasting floors now available.
These floors are tough enough for vehicle traffic but beautiful enough to create a great finish for any interior environment
Once we create the swirls, watch how the chemical pigments create an unique metallic marble effect that is unmatched with any other resin floor

Once the product is installed, the product is finished with either AUS-V, Aliphatic urethane non-yellowing sealer, or a AUS-HD a Heavy duty aliphaic sealer, the finish can be either gloss or matte. Aluminium oxide can be added to the finish coat to create an enhanced slip resistance.

Think these floors are expensive, think again. Compared with marble, granite, ceramic are just as affordable, but our floors are seamless, low maintenance and hygenic

Please click on the colour chart to view the
available colours in the
Reflector Enhancer Metallic Floors.

What are the options does Reflector Enhancer Metallic Floor provides?

  • 20 basic colours, unlimited mix option
  • Satin or Gloss finish
  • Polyaspartic, expoxy or polyurethane
  • Hard and abrasion resistant
  • Stain and chemical resistant
  • Affordable and cost effective
  • Low maintenance in comparison to other resinous products
  • VOC free, environmentally friendly

Where can these floors be used?

  • Hotels
  • Garage floors
  • Schools/universities
  • Medical areas
  • Retail stores
  • Domestic floor areas
  • Cafe area's to name a few

What are the advantages?

Over wood:
  • Much harder than wood
  • Much higher level of scratch resistance
  • Is not damaged by water or food spillages
Over tile:
  • Harder and stronger than conventional tile
  • Stain does not discolour
  • Installation time can be quicker

View the Certificate and Brochure here.