Resin Floors

Epoxy is an extremely durable and versatile product. Once fully cured by mixing two components together, the product will form a durable floor finish.
Epoxy floor coatings are available in unlimited colour pallette as well in coating with a clear epoxy. Epoxy primer coa can be % solids or water based. For thicker applications, 100%solid epoxy is used due to its ability to cure fast and its ultimate strength.

Advantagies for Using Expoxy:

  • Seamless and easy to clean
  • Hard and durable even to fork lifts and vehicle traffic
  • Versatile with bespoke colour or design
  • Slip resistant by adding aggregate for enhanced safety
  • Enviromentally friendly, low VOC
  • Large areas can be cost effective compared to alternative products

  • Below is the Ferfa catagory for various Resin finishes available in the UK
    Download the PDF here

    Stronger than Concrete
    The material has been found to be stronger than concrete. It also results in a smooth, seamless finish. Resin is produced by a chemical reaction between polymers. These are then absorbed by the concrete foundations and base flooring which results in a rock-solid and continuous floor surface. The surface will not flake, peel or come loose through time.

    Tough and Durable
    This type of industrial flooring is extremely tough. Flexibility is also one of its features, making it ideal for industrial and commercial use. Factories and warehouses can benefit most from this durable material. The strength of the resin prevents impact damage and increases the load bearing capacity of the floor.

    Low Maintenance and Sanitary
    Resin floors are ideal for schools, hospitals and kitchens because it provides a resistant floor finish. This type of floor can be washed, disinfected or even steam-cleaned to ensure sanitation without losing its robust properties. These floors can also withstand acids, alkalis, solvents and petrol without damage.

    Slip Resistance and Safety
    We can include graded aggregates to create a more slip resistant floor for wet or greasy situations. Employers have less liability, and employees feel safe.
    Colors can be added to the resin to result in flooring that can synchronize with the structure's paint scheme. This type of industrial flooring material is good for schools, food production areas, hospitals, warehouses, pharmaceutical production plants, bathrooms, marine environments and workshops.

    Types of Resin Flooring

    Polyaspartic Coatings
    Polyaspartic coatings which have a lot of advantages over traditional polyurethane and epoxy's.The material is ideal as a coating over the top of an epoxy or polyurethane scratch coat or some very smooth hard pump screeds as a thin coat. You could also put a transparent coat over other coloured coatings to substantially increase wear resistance. Extremely hard wearing, scratch resistant,fast cure time,pigments and metallic pigments added on site. The coatings can be applied at -30 and at 140F depending on formulation.

    Highlights of Epoxy include: cost effective, easy to clean, chemical resistant, seamless, 100% solids. Available in clear and pigmented. Epoxy or polyepoxide is a thermosetting polymer formed from reaction of an epoxide "resin" with polyamine "hardener". Epoxy has a wide range of applications, including fiber-reinforced plastic materials and general purpose adhesives.

    Quartz and Flake
    These products are fluid applied and the toppings are broadcast into the epoxy, once dried the surplus removed and sealed with a urethane or polyaspartic coating. Available in satin or gloss finish with unlimited colours or combinations, easy to install and is cost effective compared to terrazzo or marble type finish.
    Polyurethane Topcoats
    Available in both solvent and water-based, Polyurethane provides a seamless high-gloss seal with excellent resistance to abrasion and chemicals as well as excellent UV stability.

    MMA /Methyl Methacrylate
    A versatile, rapid application and cure coating, MMA is completely cured and can support surface traffic in 45 minutes. MMA is UV resistant, can be installed in cold temperatures, and is chemical resistant

    This is one decorative floor coating solution, Terrazzo flooring is made with exposed marble chips, high-end aggregates, or glass on the surface of finished concrete or epoxy resin.

    The main advantages of Polyurea are its quick cure time, its flexibility, and it will cure at extremely cold temperatures.

    Rapid Cure Systems
    For time-sensitive projects we can provide a variety of coatings from fast-set to snap-set.

    Chemical Resistant Coatings
    We install a range of industrial flooring coatings from neutral PH to high caustic solutions that are typically used for surface protection. This treatment protects the existing substrate so that it can hold up to harmful acids, oils, solvents, abrasive materials, and cleaning solutions which tend to cause erosion on concrete floors.