Sub Floor Preparation

Removal of old floor coverings

We have 3 stripping machines for removal of just about every floor finish that is stubborn and needs uplifting.

1. Wolff duo stripper and refina floor stripper, 110v 2Kw machine with a capacity of 30-50m2 PHour
2. Wolff Turbo Stripper 110V 2.6KW self-propelled, with hand operated clutch, with additional 50KG weight for removing very stubborn flooring
We have various machines for diamond grinding.
Wolff Samba, mono disc with 1.7KW 110v, with PCD metal scraper for aggressive floor grinding and carbununrum stone attachment for levelling screeds
Klindex 551 Hercules, 5.5HP 3 phase 550mm wide grinder with DCS cutting system. Removes 30-75m2Phour of resin finishes
Klindex Levighetour 645 4HP 240V grinder/polisher with aggressive bush hammering to remove levels of screed

Sub Floor Preparation  


At Unlimited Flooring Sheffield, we pride ourselves on the quality of our floor finishes an this can only be achieved through thorough floor preparation. We have various means at our disposal which we will highlight. Once surveyed we will determine which method to employ.
• Scarifying : Effective in removing high spots in concrete and is also effective in removing paint, loose or flaky screeds/resins.
• Diamond grinding : Our refina equipment is ideal in removing uneven concrete or asphalt surfaces. Old adhesives and latex screed can be removed under this method, coupled with our high performance vacuum, the finish is environmentally friendly to staff and others on site.

Latex smoothing compound and floor preparation.


Essential for maintaining a superior finish for decorative floor finishes. Our floorlayers will prime subfloors prior to latex screeding and we only use the highest quality smoothing underlayment.
These screeds are normally laid to a thickness of 3 mm but can be laid to a thickness of 10-12 mm, applied with latex or water mix. Aggregates can be used  to increase the thickness of the product to 30mm in some cases.  Also available are superior, fast drying screeds for fast track jobs, which can accept floor finishes within 4 hours.  Due to onsite demanding conditions, the screed industry have developed screeds for any situation which with our survey, we can advise which is suitable for your location.

Damp proof membranes   
These are used where the sub floor has damp floor issues. We use a protimeter with probes to determine the slab reading and determine the best course of action to take. 
To isolate the damp in the slab, we can offer the following: 
• Paintable membrane to suppress the damp in either 1 or 2 coat system with the 2 coats for damp readings up 98%RH readings from Fballs,ardex and other brand leaders.  
• For fast track new builds we can offer a membrane sheet which is loose laid prior to the vinyl sheet being installed.  
• With our comprehensive surveys, we can determine what course of remedial works are needed and discuss what impact this will have on timescales