Using the Klindex polishing system, we can polish your marble, terrazzo and natural stone with the Supershine and Spongelux diamond pads, which will polish and shine your worn out floors- rapid.
Existing floors with deep scratches can be removed by using the supershine plus 3 steps pads.
Environmentally clean... just use water for a superior clean and shine.

We also have specialised Elica pads from Klindex, which will polish and shine Marble, terrazzo, concrete and Pandomo finishes.
With Klindex Beton Shield, the sealed floor will withstand heavy footfall and commercial use

Can be used dry to polish screed overlays, polished concrete, trowelled concrete and finishes like Pandomo
When used with water, marble, terrazzo and natural stone can be polished.

If you have Marble floors that need restoration, we have the full Klindex marble polishing system, from initial grind/polish and application of seals